Tuesday, March 30, 2010

FemPost News: Love Scenes on DVD

It was way back in college when I first discovered the Love Scenes videos; sensual softcore productions that brought women's fantasies beautifully to life. After seeing an ad in Playgirl for the first Love Scenes video, I bought that puppy up pronto; primarily because the advert promised to show me Danny Celaya, one of my all-time favorite Playgirl models, "Like I'd never seen him before."

Oh yeah,and how! Indeed, the four Love Scenes films--directed by Ron Lawson, an absolute sweetheart I had the pleasure of speaking to once--showcased any number of Playgirl models, Chippendales and other delicious dudes in an array of yummy fantasies; everything from a scene that features a Vegas dancer auditioning for a lucky female casting director (and he really, REALLY wants the part:) to an extended sequence that involves a woman being treated to a most unique birthday party--one featuring hunkified (is that a word?) birthday gifts that unwrap themselves!

I was recently pleased to discover that all four Love Scenes films have finally been released in DVD format, though for some unearthly reason they can't be shipped to my home state of Florida (Waaaaaah! The humanity!:). Oh well, the rest of you ladies can check them out at www.lovescenes.net. Enjoy, and Danny Celaya forever!:)




  1. How about one of your friends ordering it for you, then sending it to your FL address?