Saturday, February 27, 2010

Fempower: Anything She Wants

"I'll try anything once, twice if I like it, three times to make sure."

Mae West

"What do dreams know of boundaries?"

Amelia Earhart

Coming to you from the dirty minds of Jana Cleveland and Megan Hussey: a new concept in women's erotica...
In the classic '80s erotic film "Thief of Hearts," a handsome man seduces a married woman into an illicit affair by promising her "anything she wants, any way she's ever wanted it." These enticing words--well, plus the fact that he's REALLY hot--prompt her to succumb to her inhibitions and surrender to her deepest desires.
This same concept drives Fempower, a multimedia erotica project that seeks to discover and realize women's deepest, most secret fantasies, through books, films and commentary.
Fempower is a woman-run endeavor spearheaded by two driving forces in the women's adult industry.
Megan Hussey is an award-winning feminist erotica author and leader of the Playgirl Posse, a group that supports Playgirl, PlaygirlTV, and the concept of quality erotic entertainment for women. With six paperbacks, 12 digest stories and 10 e-books in print, she writes for companies such as Blade, Class Act Books, Midnight Showcase Fiction, Noble Romance and Phaze publishing. She has written DVD and website copy for women's adult companies like Playgirl and Chick Media as well as columns for Playgirl Magazine, and is the author of an ongoing erotic fiction series for Tregix adult toy company.
Jana Cleveland is an erotic writer and filmmaker whose work can be seen everywhere from YouTube (where her beefcake short films garner hundreds of hits) to websites such as her own Erotic Stories by Jana blog. Her erotic stories also have appeared in Bareback Magazine, and she serves as moderator of a number of erotic forums that celebrate erotica and women's sexuality, such as the Erotic Storytellers Society and Steamy Male Celebrities. And she's a proud ambassador of the Playgirl Posse.
Together Megan and Jana will bring you stories, films and commentary that celebrate women's sexuality. Their first collaboration will be "Hot in the City," a cutting edge erotic novella set to be released this fall through Midnight Showcase Fiction, that blends sex, humor, international intrigue, strong female characters, and more sex.
Our Fempower blog, meanwhile, will feature interviews and essays that cover topics ranging from women's erotica to leading females behind the camera in the adult industry, male dancers and companions to sex-positive feminism.
Come play with us at Fempower. Feel the power....