Friday, April 2, 2010

FemIssue: Reproductive Rights

Women’s Issues: Reproductive Rights

Dark greetings to all of my wonderful readers! No Male Fail this week, I’m afraid. This time, I will be highlighting a personal issue that faces each of us. For me, this very issue has been a constant struggle for the last fifteen years. Some of you may smirk in disbelief at what I have to say, and, that’s your right. Just try to keep an open mind, is all I ask.

I have known I didn’t want to have kids ever since I was thirteen years old. I know, that’s a very young age to make such a decision, but, I knew it to be true. When I first started seeing an OB/GYN a few years later, I asked about getting a hysterectomy. The doctor was very nice and informed me that I was too young (then sixteen) to be considered for such a thing. I accepted that and continued to ask every year that I went back, with the same answer being given each time.

I hit the age of twenty one, and at that time, I was sure they would at least consider me. By then, I had a new doctor (the one I had before retired), so I thought maybe this time I would get a positive answer. This answer was, however, no better. She informed me that getting the operation before age thirty is highly unlikely barring a medical issue. Now, I find that very cruel of the medical community to have such a standard. I have said I would sign any and all waivers on the matter, and even file a notice with an attorney to give them the peace of mind that I won’t change my mind years later and try to sue them. I was crushed, but, continued on.

Fast-forward now to just after my twenty seventh birthday. I no longer live in the same state as before, and my new doctor seems open-minded. I ask her about the operation, and she tells me that unless I’ve had a child and/or are married and preferably over the age of thirty two, I won’t be considered for the surgery (again, barring a medical problem.) I was stunned. Completely, and absolutely stunned.

Lets look at the big picture for a moment. Our wonderful planet Earth is overpopulated. She can’t support our great numbers anymore. Some may say that its all part of Creator’s plan and whatnot, and I can’t and won’t argue with that. But at the same time, the more people that arrive, the more strain it puts on the planet herself. I would think that a woman who has not changed her mind in fifteen years should be able to make a choice like having a hysterectomy without so much red tape. (To put this in perspective even more, consider this: I was able to have major plastic surgery at age eighteen without anything more than the opinions of two plastic surgeons.)

So what gives? Why is it that a teenager can have extensive plastic surgery but a young woman can’t have a surgery just as extensive that would end needless monthly misery and a dependency on pills? I understand that after such surgery, one is required to have hormone replacements, and that’s all well and fine. Such things have come a long way over the past several years and I’m fine with having to do such.

So I ask again: What gives? Why can’t a grown woman, who is informed and more than sure about her decision on this get this resolved? If you plan on answering with something along the lines of “Oh you might change your mind someday when you meet someone special and then you might want to have kids with them” just stuff it. I’ve heard that so much over my life that I’m actually sickened by such answers. So if you plan on answering with something like that, save yourself a thrashing in the comments section and just don’t reply.

Have a happy and safe bunny weekend everyone!


Editor's Note: As someone who is single and childless by choice, I heartily applaud Selestine's words. It's about time someone said this, and leave it to my sister friend Selestine to say it right! Hugs and happy Easter, Megan

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